EARTH FIRST | Mt Canobolas State Conservation Area: a vital component of our regional heritage

The SCA is a small reserve with exceptional biodiversity values. A large, dedicated trail network (63 kms proposed within the SCA itself) and vastly increased visitor usage would risk the very values the reserve was set up to protect. The SCA should be protected for its biodiversity and cultural values, with only current passive recreation pursuits available to the public. Read more

Concerned Mountain Biker

VIDEO | Mountain bike rider voices concerns about proposed Mt Bike trails in Mt Canobolas SCA Orange City Council is pushing for 63km of mountain bike tracks in the State Conservation Area (managed by National Parks) on Mt Canobolas. This area was set aside to protect natural values and threatened species. It was NOT set…

The five areas that would be impacted by trails on the Mount Canobolas

EARTH FIRST | The five areas that would be impacted by trails on the Mount

Soils, vegetation, wildlife, water and other visitors are highlighted as degrading impacts from the proposed construction of dedicated mountain biking tracks on the fragile environment of Mount Canobolas State Conservation Area. The potential for introduction of phytopathogens and exotic plants…

New proposed Mountain Bike Trails at Mt Canobolas

EARTH FIRST | There’s plenty of dollars but little sense in Mount Canobolas proposal

The following piece was published by the Environmentally Concerned Citizens of Orange in their weekly ‘Earth First’ column ... Standing sentinel over Orange in the cleared landscape of the Central West is a 12-million-year-old volcanic remnant. Mount Canobolas has been dormant…