Letter to the Editor |  Trail development costly

How much of Orange ratepayers money has already been spent on the proposed Mount Canobolas Mountain Bike Park approval process? Is our council aware of the cost and time required to take this to the next stages if they pursue mountain bike tracks in this State Conservation Area? As ratepayers we are essentially shareholders inContinue reading “Letter to the Editor |  Trail development costly”

Letter to the Editor |  Transparency key in track debate

There is much excitement amongst councillors of Orange City Council about the prospect of a 100 kilometre mountain bike track on and through Mount Canobolas. On the other hand, there is strong objection to the proposal by environmentalists and conservationists on the grounds of significant damage to the environment and cultural sites. But it shouldContinue reading “Letter to the Editor |  Transparency key in track debate”

FUNGIMAP NEWSLETTER | Making Mycological History on Mt Canobolas

The first survey of fungi on Mt Canobolas took place on a cold weekend last May as part of a workshop on local fungi conducted by renowned mycologist Alison Pouliot and organised by Local Land Services. A report on this important first foray into the fungi of the mountain has been published in the FungimapContinue reading “FUNGIMAP NEWSLETTER | Making Mycological History on Mt Canobolas”

PRESS RELEASE | CCA rejects OCC spin on Mt Canobolas mountain bike proposal

Scientists from the Canobolas Conservation Alliance (CCA) have called on Orange City Council to release consultants reports to the public before any decision is made to progress the Mountain Bike proposal on Mt Canobolas. (CWD 1 Oct 2021). CCA have previously highlighted to Council that if they maintain their focus on the State Conservation AreaContinue reading “PRESS RELEASE | CCA rejects OCC spin on Mt Canobolas mountain bike proposal”

EARTH FIRST | The need to be ‘wild’ as nature intended

What is the current pandemic telling us? Scientists believe the COVID-19 pandemic will not be a one-off and they expect 5 new diseases to emerge every year. It’s our relationship with nature and how we’re interacting with it that has driven the pandemic. Humans have changed the planet’s biodiversity making it more likely for virusesContinue reading “EARTH FIRST | The need to be ‘wild’ as nature intended”

QUESTIONS TO COUNCIL | How much more ratepayer’s money for mountain bike pipe dream?

The following statement and questions were posed to Orange City Council by CCA Vice-President, Dr Andrew Rawson at the Council Meeting of 7 September, 2021. I refer to Agenda Item 5.3 Progress Report of the Operational Plan, specifically Section (Progress the Mt Canobolas precinct for mountain-bike activities). Very little information about the progress ofContinue reading “QUESTIONS TO COUNCIL | How much more ratepayer’s money for mountain bike pipe dream?”

Earth First | A young conservationist’s concern for the environment

I am Charlie Shannon from Manildra and I am nine years old. I have been interested in the environment since I was little because of the amazing wildlife and plants. At Manildra Public school I have started a Climate Club with 10 other kids because of how much wildlife is found at our school. WeContinue reading “Earth First | A young conservationist’s concern for the environment”

Letter to the Editor | The lost value in knowing what you’re looking at

Congratulations to Tony Worland on the modification of his EK Holden Ute. Recently the world’s oldest Ferrari was found in a shed. How fortunate both vehicles, and their possibilities, were recognised for what they were by people who knew what they were looking at: they might otherwise have been sent to the metal recyclers. NoContinue reading “Letter to the Editor | The lost value in knowing what you’re looking at”

MEDIA REPORT | Orange conservationists ‘appalled’ at Mount Canobolas biking report

By David Fitzsimons, Central Western Daily website, 29 July 2021 Conservationists opposed to a mountain bike trail park being opened on Mount Canobolas say they are shocked at a new report proposing more trails. Canobolas Conservation Alliance president Dr Colin Bower said if proposals in the report to Orange City Council were adopted serious environmentalContinue reading “MEDIA REPORT | Orange conservationists ‘appalled’ at Mount Canobolas biking report”

PRESS RELEASE | Conservationists reject bike plan

Orange City Council’s bike plan for Mt Canobolas is much worse than we thought it would be according to Canobolas Conservation Alliance President, Dr Colin Bower. The plan, revealed in The Central Western Daily (27/07/21), shows Council’s intention is to take over Mt Canobolas and turn it into an exclusive, intensive mountain biking venue, DrContinue reading “PRESS RELEASE | Conservationists reject bike plan”