Take Action before 1 OCTOBER to SAVE Mt Canobolas - Local Council's proposal to turn the Mount Canobolas State Conservation Area (SCA) into a national mountain biking competition venue threatens the unique and irreplaceable biodiversity that occurs nowhere else on Earth.


VIDEO | The Outstanding Biodiversity Value of the Mt Canobolas State Conservation Area – Dr Colin Bower

Dr Colin Bower explains that the tiny Mount Canobolas State Conservation Area is the last refuge for unique and threatened plants and animals that evolved on the Mount Canobolas volcano after it became dormant. Included are many species that occur…

EARTH FIRST | Mt Canobolas State Conservation Area: a vital component of our regional heritage

The SCA is a small reserve with exceptional biodiversity values. A large, dedicated trail network (63 kms proposed within the SCA itself) and vastly increased visitor usage would risk the very values the reserve was set up to protect. The SCA should be protected for its biodiversity and cultural values, with only current passive recreation pursuits available to the public.

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