CCA Policies


The CCA is first and foremost a conservation organisation. Our primary focus is the protection of the natural and cultural heritage values of the Mt Canobolas State Conservation Area (SCA).

Our aims and objectives are set out in our constitution.

We are often asked by journalists and members of the public for our views on other issues related to Mt Canobolas, such as visitor amenities, tourism development, reserve management, pest and weed control, walking tracks and mountain biking in general. This page summarises the views of CCA Committee members in two lists; what we support and what we don’t support for the future of Mt Canobolas.

See the FAQ page for Frequently Asked Questions with answers explaining the reasons for our views.

What we don’t support:

  • Development within or near the SCA that compromises the biodiversity and heritage values of the SCA
  • Actions within the SCA that disproportionally favour consideration of one group over all others (e.g. mountain bike riders over the general public)
  • Developments that compromise the enjoyment of the SCA by current visitors.
  • Changes of management not currently included in the National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) Plan of Management.
  • Environmental and cultural heritage assessments that are not comprehensive or rigorous.
  • Political interference/influence in due processes related to public lands, such as the SCA.

What we do support:

  • NPWS plans for enhancement of visitor facilities at the Summit, The Walls Lookout and the Towac Picnic Area as well as upgrades to walking tracks and signage.
  • More resources for NPWS to manage weeds and pests within the SCA.
  • Improved education to enhance appreciation of the SCA’s value.
  • All mountain biking trails to be located in State Forests rather than the SCA.
  • Any road upgrades should minimise harm to important flanking native vegetation and should consider innovative solutions such as circuits with one way traffic, utilising, for example, the Northern Boundary Road.
  • Lowering of the official speed limit within the SCA.
  • improved weed and pest control on lands adjoining the SCA, particularly State Forests.
  • Acceptance by the NSW Minister for Energy and Environment, the Hon. Matt Kean, of Mt Canobolas SCA as an Area of Outstanding Biodiversity Value.

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