The Issue

Orange City Council proposes to impose 72 km of exclusive single purpose mountain bike tracks in a network of over 20 circuits and link trails within the Mount Canobolas State Conservation Area. This proposal is a brazen attempt to subvert the primary purpose of a reserve meant nature conservation to a commercially driven mountain biking tourism venue.

The proposal would inevitably have serious environmental impacts on the conservation area. The issue, the main impacts and alternative venues are detailed on the links below.

Say NO to Mountain Bike Tracks in Mt Canobolas State Conservation Area!

Alternate Mt Bike Route - State Forest

Mt Canobolas SCA Under Threat from 72 km of Mtn Bike Tracks

Mount Canobolas State Conservation Area (SCA) is under threat from a new mountain biking track network proposal by Orange City Council. Following Council lobbying and a fierce campaign from opponents, the NSW government approved the addition of dedicated mountain biking tracks as an allowed development in the revised Draft Plan of Management. The new proposal is just as damaging as the earlier one and would lead to long term degradation of key natural and cultural heritage values of the SCA, which is a small reserve set aside for the common good and the protection of biodiversity, not commercially motivated intensive recreation.

The Mountain Biking Threat

Orange City Council is proposing to turn the Mt Canobolas State Conservation Area into a national mountain biking competition venue. This threatens rare plants and animals that occur nowhere else on earth with extinction.

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