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Alternate Mt Bike Route - State Forest

Mt Canobolas SCA Under Threat from 63 KM of Mtn Bike Trails

Mount Canobolas State Conservation Area is under threat from a proposed mountain biking trail network. The Draft Plan of Management opens the possibility for this major development that would decimate the reserve, cause erosion, reduce natural values, fragment wildlife territories and introduce major commercial operations in such a small reserve set aside for the common good and the protection of biodiversity.

Heath and Xanthoparmelia community at the-Walls - Mount Canobolas 2017

Why is Mt Canobolas so Special?

Mount Canobolas is an isolated landlocked island of high altitude montane and sub-alpine environments at the western edge of the Central Tablelands of the South Eastern Highlands bioregion of NSW. It supports distinctly different vegetation communities to similar habits along the Great Diving Range to east, as well as unique and irreplaceable biodiversity.

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