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MEDIA REPORT | Tourism gambit looks like uphill battle

Skyway to hell: Proposal for Mount Canobolas raises residents’ ire THE activation of Mount Canobolas’ summit, including a skyway, is just one strand in a 56-page Orange Region Destination Management Plan to increase tourism but it’s raised the ire of some residents. Friday was the final day to comment on the draft management plan, submitted…

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MEDIA REPORT | Time is right for dual name plan for Mount Canobolas

A STORY thousands of years old about a falling out between two brothers is set to become part of Orange’s identity. The district’s best-known landmark Mount Canobolas will also carry the name Gaanha-bula to reflect the area’s First Nations’ significance if a motion to be discussed at next Tuesday’s Orange City Council meeting is successful.…

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PRESS RELEASE | CCA calls on OCC to abandon plans for mountain bike trails in State Conservation Area

The Canobolas Conservation Alliance (CCA) calls on Orange City Council (OCC) to finally abandon their proposal to construct mountain bike trails in the Mt Canobolas State Conservation Area (SCA). “The Orange Mountain Bike Club’s new ‘Trail of Awesomeness’ in Glenwood State Forest (CWD 6/6/22) is an example of what can be achieved without the need…

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EARTH FIRST |  Mount Canobolas continues to be a place that attracts scientists from all parts to explore

The beauty and intrigue that continues to draw scientists to our backyard underpins our understanding of life on Earth.  Photo: Rosemary Stapleton. While science underpins our understanding of life on Earth, our understanding must continue to evolve as new knowledge is acquired.  Even our own small place on the planet has something to offer as…

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MEDIA REPORT | Canobolas’ tiny plants big on biodiversity value

Orange scientist Dr Richard Medd puts the spotlight on Canobolas’ amazing biodiversity. AN amazing array of mosses, liverworts, hornworts and lichens has led to the Mount Canobolas State Conservation Area being nominated as an Area of Outstanding Biodiversity Value. TINY TREASURE: Dr Richard Medd with a sample of moss and liverworts that grow in his…

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MEDIA REPORT |  Small in size, big in impact, scientists fear end for microscopic species

Richard Medd says Mount Canobolas is one of the state’s most rich and diverse ecosystems. (ABC Central West: Hamish Cole ) An increase in the number of threatened tiny plant species in country New South Wales is putting rare ecosystems at risk, according to scientists.  Key points: Scientists say a decline in microorganisms is putting rare ecosystems under increased…

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PRESS RELEASE | Mountain biodiversity under the microscope

Leading scientists specialising in mosses, liverworts, hornworts and lichens have been engaged by the Orange Field Naturalist and Conservation Society (OFNCS) to research species occurring in the Mount Canobolas State Conservation Area (SCA). Bryophyte biocrust Mount Canobolas SCA. Image by Rosemary Stapleton The scientists from the Australian National Herbarium, a part of the Centre for…

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EARTH FIRST |  Mount Canobolas a precious area for all

Orange City Council has recently released the draft of it’s Community Strategic Plan. This Plan has been the result of wide community consultation to determine our community’s priorities to be acted upon during the term of our current Council. “Maintaining environment must be our number one priority” It is no surprise that the number one…

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Letters to the editor – GREENIE’S A Proud Tag to Have

As the preservation of our natural environment and the need to stop global warming were turned into political footballs, the term Greenie was adopted by those more focused on development and profit as something of an insult when referring to their detractors. Do the cursers know that it is a badge worn with pride by…

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EARTH FIRST :  Balance needs to be found. Now is the time to find a solution

Environmentalists have consistently questioned the environmental wisdom of a placing mountain bike tracks within the Mt Canobolas State Conservation Area. The “balanced” solution is to consider only having mountain bike tracks in the 1000s of hectares of State Forest surrounding the State Conservation Area, not within it.At a recent Council meeting, State member for Orange,…

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The Canobolas Conservation Alliance Inc. (CCA) is a conservation group, formally established in 2020, to oppose unsustainable development in the Mount Canobolas State Conservation Area (SCA).

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