Letter to the Editor |  Transparency key in track debate

There is much excitement amongst councillors of Orange City Council about the prospect of a 100 kilometre mountain bike track on and through Mount Canobolas.

On the other hand, there is strong objection to the proposal by environmentalists and conservationists on the grounds of significant damage to the environment and cultural sites.

But it should be borne in mind that Orange City Council’s proposal is effectively a private development application on land within the local government area of Cabonne Council.

Mount Canobolas is not within Orange City Council.

I understand that to date Orange City Council has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars (some say $500,000) – Orange ratepayers’ monies – on this development application without any sign of approval by appropriate bodies nor of a sod being turned.

Cabonne Council enjoys a reputation of being a prudent and responsible council.

I would like to know what is the attitude of Cabonne Council to Orange City Council’s proposal.

One would think that this is a very important matter to be taken into consideration before Orange City Council spends any more money on this development application.

On the question of how much Orange City Council has spent so far on the proposal, the ratepayers of Orange are entitled to know the exact figure.

Transparency is essential to good government.

Bill Walsh

Published in ‘Your Say’, Central Western Daily, 9 October 2021