Letters to the editor – GREENIE’S A Proud Tag to Have

As the preservation of our natural environment and the need to stop global warming were turned into political footballs, the term Greenie was adopted by those more focused on development and profit as something of an insult when referring to their detractors.

Do the cursers know that it is a badge worn with pride by those committed to defending and preserving areas of ecological importance? Greenies are striving to protect more than any individuals personal enjoyment, but not the stopping having of fun. While usually not adrenaline driven, there is a great deal of fun already being had in natural environments, such as the Mt Canobolas State Conservation Area, and none of it causes damage or threatens the existence of the native flora and fauna or the enjoyment of other human users.

Greenies opposed to the construction of mountain bike trails in the Mt Canobolas State Conservation Area aren’t against mountain biking, but are against it occurring in areas identified as being environmentally significant.

Sandra Chrystall

Published in ‘Your Say’, Central Western Daily, 13 April 2022