Letter to the Editor |  LA LA LA … we can’t hear you

Ever been in a situation where something you have said to someone hasn’t been heard so you’ve had to raise your voice and repeat yourself?

Unfortunately, in regard to the warnings of the destructive impact that mountain bikes will have on the Canobolas Conservation Area, it seems Orange City Council doesn’t want to hear what is being said.

Hands have been put over the ears and rate payers’ money has been used to issue numerous media releases and articles on the perceived benefits (never the details of the ‘how’) of mountain bikes in an area of ecological and cultural significance.

It is the equivalent of “La, La, La, I can’t hear you”. Perhaps a more appropriate question would be: Why is Orange City Council hell bent on bringing on the destruction of all that makes the area eligible for ‘State Conservation Area’ status?

Sandra Chrystall

Published in ‘Your Say’, Central Western Daily, 12 November 2021