Devils Hole - Mt Canobolas

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage

Ghaanha-bula (Mt Canobolas) has a rich cultural heritage as a key meeting ground for the Wiradjuri nation with multiple important ceremonial sites and camping places. This ancient history lives on in the cultural knowledge of Wiradjuri descendants in the Central West. Ghaanha-bula is one of three locations in the Three Brothers dreamtime story. Abundant evidence of the former active occupation of the mountain is scattered widely across the landscape in the form of stone artefacts and occasional scar trees. For more information click the link below.


The geology of Mt Canobolas, a central shield volcano, has been extensively researched. As the youngest central volcano in NSW, it preserves a remarkable record of the eruption phases and was formerly listed on the National Estate register. Mt Canobolas is also part of a chain of volcanoes called the Inland Hotspot Track formed as the Australian tectonic plate moved northwards over a plume of lava in the earth’s mantel. For more information on the Geo-heritage of Mt Canobolas click the links below.

European History

The European history of Mt Canobolas has not been fully documented and is currently being actively researched by some members of the Canobolas Conservation Alliance. A brief history of the Mt Canobolas State Conservation Area is given at the link below.

Say NO to Mountain Bikes in Mount Canobolas State Conservation Area!

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