PRESS RELEASE | Mount Canobolas to be Area of Outstanding Biodiversity Value?

Pultenaea polifolia, Mount Canobolas SCA

Mount Canobolas State Conservation Area hosts State, National and even some features of Global significance. A recent nomination of the reserve’s special features has been accepted by NSW’s Environmental Agency Head for consideration as an Area of Outstanding Biodiversity Value

THE Mount Canobolas State Conservation Area (SCA) has been nominated to the state government as an Area of Outstanding Biodiversity Value (AOBV).

The 63-page submission – compiled by Dr Richard Medd and Dr Colin Bower (Mt Canobolas SCA AOBV Nomination – Medd & Bower ) and which has been accepted for consideration by the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage – comes as debate rages about a proposed mountain bike trail on the SCA.

AOBV is a new land classification introduced in 2016 under the Biodiversity Conservation Act, which provides legal protections for areas which represent the most valuable sites for biodiversity conservation in NSW.

Any development proposal located on an AOBV – of which there are currently four in NSW –  must be assessed using the Biodiversity Assessment Method.

Dr Medd said that Mount Canobolas meets all the criteria for an AOBV.

“We made this submission so that the exceptional biodiversity value of Mount Canobolas is formally recognised and fully taken into account in any development proposal,” he said.

 “This submission pulls together, for the first time, a vast amount of information on the SCA’s biodiversity.”

Dr Bower said the submission demonstrates the SCA “has an unusually high concentration of species not found anywhere else on earth”.

“Nine endemic species depend entirely on the SCA for their survival. There are also 12 species and three ecological communities that are listed as threatened,” he said.

Submitted by Dr Colin Bower 

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Published by Col Bower

I am an environmental consultant trained in entomology and botany. I am an accredited Biobanking Assessment Method Assessor with almost 30 years experience in biodiversity assessment. I have visited, observed and studied Mt Canobolas since 1980.