Save Mount Canobolas form Mountain Biking

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Help Save Mount Canobolas SCA from a new threat — Over 60 km of EXCLUSIVE mountain biking ONLY trails within our fragile reserve.  Act now to register your objections, submission is due by 1st OCTOBERAll submissions are automatically directed to the National Parks and Wildlife email portal. Please be sure to tick multiple checkboxes below. Your privacy is respected as set out in the Draft Plan of Management document. Important to leave a personal response.

For more information visit Mount Canobolas State Conservation Area Draft Plan of Management

Additional comments that could be inserted in the comments box above are:

  • ANY new trails, let alone more than 60kms of dedicated biking trails within just 1,672 ha of richly biodiverse conservation land is totally inappropriate.
  • This Conservation reserve is meant for the conservation of a unique habitat and its biodiversity. Its nine endemic species, three endangered ecological communities, and twelve threatened species are distinctive and irreplaceable.
  • Alternative venues for the development of a mountain bike trail network and the infrastructure associated with an elite, competitive sport have NOT been thoroughly investigated.   Trail networks, which could be built upon, already exist in Kinross, Canobolas and Glenwood State Forests which offer a significantly larger area for any development, without controversy.
  • The SCA currently provides for a range of sustainable recreational activities, including cycling; and both visual amenity and visitor safety are important issues in this reserve due to its size and topography.