NPWS Visitor Facilities Enhancement

NPWS today (10 Dec 2020) has announced a major upgrade to visitor facilities at Mount Canobolas SCA. This $2million package consists of a number of projects which are outlined below, however the major component will be the improvement of facilities at the summit of Mount Canobolas.  While NPWS has previously upgraded facilities at Federal Falls Camping Area and the walking tracks, the work which will be carried out in 2021 & 2022 represents the largest investment in the infrastructure at Mount Canobolas.

NPWS staff have been working for some time to bring this program of works to fruition.  This has included coordinating construction plans, preparation of the environmental and Aboriginal impact assessments and protections measures.  The works will be staged over the next year and a half and commence with tenders being called in January 2021 for the upgrade to The Walls and Towac Picnic Areas with the aim to have those works finished by end of June 2021.  The summit works will start in the 2nd half of 2021.

The various project components are listed below and please see the attached artist’s impression of the summit area redevelopment.  

Mount Canobolas Summit

Major redesign of the Summit carpark and visitor area including;

  • Levelling and sealing of the road & carpark
  • Providing parking space for 20 cars and 2 busses with additional informal overflow car parking
  • Construction of a new lookout platform
  • Construction of a new and larger toilet block with 4 stalls including 2 with wheelchair access
  • Providing barrier free wheelchair access throughout the site
  • Realigning the entrance and start of the walking track
  • Revamping park signage
  • Revamping visitor information
  • Installing drainage controls
  • Landscaping and native plantings
  • Construct new “Iconic” park entry signs on Canobolas Road and Old Canobolas Road

The Walls Picnic Area and Lookout

  • Expanding the carpark to accommodate 8 cars
  • Constructing a new lookout platform to improve visitor safety
  • Installing additional picnic tables
  • Improving the walking track to the lookout
  • Revamping park signage

Towac Picnic Area

  • Improving road access to the picnic area
  • Formalising vehicle access and carparking for 6 vehicles within the picnic area
  • Installing 3 picnic tables

Walking Track upgrades

Federal Falls walking track

  • Rebuild track to the base of Federal Falls.
  • Replace existing pedestrian bridge
  • Install steps and drainage on 500 m of track
  • Replace existing track directional signage

Spring Glade walking track

Summits walking track

  • Install steps near the summit of Young Man Canobolas
  • Replace existing track directional signage

Nature walking track

  • Replace existing track directional signage

Mount Towac walking track

  • Replace existing steps where necessary and install new steps near the summit of Mount Towac
  • Replace existing track signage

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