Letter to the Editor |  Time for our say on track

Council has not released how much they have already spent on the proposed Mountain Bike Trails on Mount Canobolas after numerous requests.

Also, they have not given an estimate of the cost to build the tracks, a figure on how much it will cost to maintain the tracks and an overall management plan.

I have not seen or heard off an agreement between National Parks and Council – there would have to be an approval from the Minister after a proposal from council?

Has there been any talks or agreement between OCC and Cabonne Council?

Before any more money is spent on the project, by this now caretaker government, and they are so sure of the project it should go to a referendum at the council elections in December with all the above costs being released so ratepayers can make a decision on whether the project should go ahead or not.

Charles Everett

Published in ‘Your Say’, Central Western Daily, 27 October 2021