LETTER TO THE EDITOR | ‘Please do not destroy this irreplaceable natural asset’

1) It would totally long-term destroy the ambiance of this pristine native area of bushland, with many species of trees and plants unique to this area, at risk of destruction.

2) The quiet enjoyment of people spending quality time in a native bushland environment would no longer be available.

This could include, bush walking, bird watching, studying the rare species of native trees, shrubs and grasses in one of the last vestiges of virtually untouched native bushland that is available to the public in our Orange area.

This unique native bushland area is the highest point between the Blue Mountains and Perth.

The magnitude of the mountain and its magnificent views brings thousands of visitors to Orange, and it must be preserved for the benefit of all locals, tourists and visitors to our area so they can enjoy it at any time, and not be restricted to a select group at any time.

4) I can imagine the disappointment of tourists arriving to enjoy a visit to our mountain only to be told sorry not today there is a bike race in progress.

Please do us all a favour and find another place for bike races, after all this is not Mount Panorama and we do not want it to become such.

My understanding is that mountain biking can cause soil erosion and this area is quite susceptible to this, another good reason to find a more suitable and acceptable place for this activity.

This area belongs to Cabonne Council and is controlled by National Parks and Wildlife Service, what do they think?

By the way 100,000 people per year from mountain biking! Where did this made-up number, come from?

What do the original inhabitants of our area who I understand called it ‘Gnoo Blas’ think of this idea?

Please do not destroy this irreplaceable natural asset.

Max Gregory

[This letter appeared in the Central Western Daily on 17 September 2019; Photo: Central Western Daily]